The Secret to Long Engine Life: Advice from the Experts on Maintaining KOHLER Engine

Industry Expert Mr. Narender Singh Kamboj discusses the best practices for extending the life of, and achieving optimal performance of your engine. Have a question about KOHLERengines ? We've compiled a list of common questions and answers below for Maintenance of KOHLER engine:  1.     What can I do to maximize the life of my engine? To keep your engine operating at peak performance, be sure to perform proper maintenance for each of the following areas, as outlined in your owner's manual: ·          Air filter  ·          Oil (and filter)  ·        Cooling system (including the flywheel fan, cooling fins, and any radiators or oil coolers) 2.     What fuel is recommended for my engine? Gasoline Use unleaded regular gasoline with a pump sticker octane rating of 87 or higher. If you are required to use oxygenated fuel, blends containing a maximum of 10% ethanol or 15% MTBE are acceptable. Fuels with higher concentrations and methanol blends are not recommend

A Detailed Troubleshooting Guide for Kubota Diesel Engines

Kubota manufacturers are experts in manufacturing a variety of diesel engines. If your machinery uses a  diesel engine  manufactured by Kubota, then you are at the right place. Power Maker provides a complete troubleshooting guide for a Kubota diesel engine. Kubota Diesel Engine Problem: Kubota Diesel Engine Does Not Start ·         Machine oil is viscous. Then fill machine oil into the inlet pipe and start again. ·         Interrupted supply of fuel. Then refill the fuel tank. ·         A gap in the piston ring due to wear and tear. Then get the piston ring changed by Kubota diesel engine experts. ·         Leakage in gas valves or incorrect valve clearance. Then get the valves realigned to get the specified clearance or get them replaced or repaired, according to the requirement. ·         The machine has turned cold. Then remove the connection belt and fill machine oil into the crankcase after warming it up. Start and run the machine till


We all know Kubota makes the best compact and sub compact tractors in the market. Their diesel engines are among the best and most reliable you can buy. However there are a few things about Kubota that you probably didn’t know. We’ve been a Kubota dealership since the mid 70s and we didn’t even know everything that our research turned up. So take a look at the 10 things you probably didn’t know about Kubota. 1)     Kubota was actually first established as a foundry for the production of castings for heavy equipment. 2)     They started producing Agro-industrial oil based engines in 1922. One of the First Kubota Engines 3)     Kubota developed and commercialized Japan’s first farm tractor. 4)     In the early 60s Kubota actually produced vending machines. When are they going to make the first tractor with a built in vending machine? 5)     Kubota’s first import was in 1969 with the 21 horsepower L200. It’s success lead to the creation of Kubota Tractor Corp